Journalistic Writer: Top Qualities of a Good Writer

Qualities of a Good Writer

Good writers have two things in common: they would rather be understood than admired, and they do not write for hairsplitting and hypercritical readers. [ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) ]

‘Writing is an art and since at the same time. It is art because it has various styles to it and it is a science because there are different techniques to write .


The parameters for a good writer depend on the audience who is going to read it.


The general way to determine whether one is a good writer are to check whether his/her article has a good flow, eye-catching content and the language. The sentence structure, grammar, ideas and the form used are some of the other factors that play an important role in determining whether one is a good writer.

A good journalist should be a good writer for sure. All journalists are essentially good communicators.

Vast Knowledge: Great writers have a broad educational background,  a wealth of knowledge and experience to make their writing more interesting and engaging.

Strong Grammar: Great writers have complete understanding of grammar and they write clear and in a coherent way.

Ethics and Accuracy: Great writers choose their words carefully, always ensure that their work is both accurate and meets ethical standards.

Context sensitive: All good writers write in contexts. They adapt their messages to sensitive or non-sensitive situations and don’t misjudge them.

Considerate: All good writers know what their readers want. They fulfill all the needs of their readers.

 Dream and Reality: Writers live in a world of reality and the same they reflect in their writing also. They know the success of a message depends upon four important communication ingredients:

  • Social Contact,
  • Common Medium,
  • Transmission

Persuasion: All good writers know how to persuade their readers. They know how to find the best available means of moving a specific audience in a specific situation to a specific decision.

Ability to Express Ideas: Great writers are able to communicate their ideas clearly in a logical way that is easy for a reader to understand.

Ability to Write Well in any Style of writing: Great writers can write well in a variety of formats, including technical, persuasive, and descriptive writing.

A good Understanding about their Audience: Great writers know who their audience is and write in a way to communicate according to their audience need.

Creativity: Great writers have a strong sense of creativity and always have new ideas for writing and can craft interesting openings that draw a readers’ interest.

Interviewing Skills: Great writers have excellent interviewing skills and know how to make a subject open up in order to get the best material.

Research Skills: Great writers have research skills and are able to quickly find the information they need to make a piece of good writing material.

 Specific Subject Knowledge: Great writers are knowledgeable about the subject they write about. Science writers, for example, should have a strong background and knowledge in the area they cover.