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How to Find or Calculate Low Median in Python using low median_low() Function

median_low() function is from Standard statistics Library of Python programming language. The basic purpose of this function is to calculate the low median of given numeric data. The given data will always be in the form of sequence or iterator. The low median is always a member of the numeric data set.

Note: When the number of data values is odd, the middle value of data set is returned and where the number of the data value is even, the smaller of the two middle values is returned.
The low median is also used to locate the central tendency of numeric data.


Syntax of median_low() Function in Python

The syntax of median_low() function in Python is as follows:


Parameters of median_low() Function in Python

data – This parameter can be any sequence or iterator (lists, tuples)
Note: If data is empty, median_low() function raises a StatisticsError


Return Value of median_low() in Python

Return value of median_low() is a floating point number after calculating low median of given data in iterator(lists, tuples)


median_low() Function Examples in Python

Output of low median_low() Function in Python



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